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Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

That layered lamine glasses provide safety againist armed attacks and are produced at EN1063 standards by Erdem Cam.

Bullet proof glass can produce with polycarbon covarage in order to prove disperse of glass particles in case of armed attacs. It is produced according to standard of EN class of EN1063.

Safety Glasses which are asymmetric, if apllicate at right psition, it can has bullet proof property. If lamination process applly double glass in order to attain bullet proof property, lamination process have apply opposite of expected armed attack.

Bullet Proof Glass Specifications            
CLASS (EN1083) Gun Type Caliber Bullet Type Weight(gr) Distance(m) Speed (m/s) Energy Shoot
BR1 NS Pistol .22 LR LR LB/RN 2,6±0,1 10,00±0,5 360±10 170 J 3
BR2 NS Pistol 9x19 mm Parabellum FJ/RN/SC 8,0±0,1 5,00±0,5 400±10 640 J 3
BR3 NS Pistol .357 Magnum FJ/CR/SC 10,2±0,1 5,00±0,5 430±10 940 J 3
BR4 NS Pistol .44 Magnum FJ/FN/SC 15,6±0,1 5,00±0,5 440±10 1510 J 3
BR5 NS AK-47, M16 5,56X45 mm NATO FJ/PB/SCP 4,0±0,1 10,00±0,5 950±10 1800 J 3
BR6 NS G3 7,62X51 mm NATO FJ/PB/SC 9,5±0,1 10,00±0,5 830±10 3270 J 3
BR7 NS G3 7,62X51 mm NATO FJ/PB/HC 9,8±0,1 10,00±0,5 820±10 3290 J 3