About Us

Our company started production of "Lamine glass", "Security glass" and "Bullet-proof glass" in new factory which was established in 2017 in 2500 m2 area. Production of Lamine glass perform with combination of two or more glass layers under high temperature and pressure by means of colored or colorless special sticker (PVB).


Production of new different glasses with new technology and education. Our factory produce new glass materials with 60 years experience and want to arrive all city of Turkey with distributors.


Production of glass started at 1954 with small factory and increased quality and production limit with new technology. Increase succes of company with keep on with demand of costomers. Budget of our company is knowladge and eperience, tecnician, engineer and other personal. Aim of our company provide reliable, profitable and respectfull relation with between all of personal and produce environmental friednly glass production.

Factory in Gaziantep established in 2500 covered area and technical personals provide extra solution for costomers design of home, hotels and malls.